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Energy Healing "Textimonials"

Below is a sampling of what I call my “Textimonials”. These are unsolicited (except some are in response to my check-ins) and I am honored to have many more. Energy healing does not cure conditions. By releasing trapped emotions and addressing energetic imbalances, energy healing brings the body into balance so that it can do what it is innately made to do - heal itself. Some client results happen immediately while others are more layered and take time. While energy healing very often leads to significant improvement or complete resolution of issues, there are no guaranteed outcomes with this work.


Energy healing is not a replacement for medical advice or treatment. Please see your medical provider to assess your particular situation. 




"Thank you Jen. I saw the report. [My son] was staggering!!! When I got home I asked him how he felt and he said I feel so much happier but I don’t know why.🤣 He is walking around smiling and joking. It’s incredible. (Me: "Did he know I worked on him?") Not until after I asked how he was feeling and he said that. Then I had to tell him why. He was really happy." -E


"Thank you so much Jen, I am feeling great this morning. You’re doing an amazing job for me and my family." -M

"I can't even really express my gratitude for everything you are doing through the Emotion Code. I haven't felt this free to just be me since I can remember...I feel free to love..." - L


"My depression is so much better.😊 The sinus pain is gone even though it’s a lot smokier today than yesterday... This shift is the most dramatic instance of this I’ve ever experienced.I can’t thank you enough!😀🙏🏻" -E


"Hey! This is a bit deep for a text but here goes...I meant to tell you that I am a believer in your energy work. There are aspects of my life where I am “lighter” ... past issues that I was angry or frustrated about have lessened a lot like they are in the past vs impairing my day to day views on things. It took me a few months to get here...but I was reflecting on it and I wanted to say thank you... ❤️" -L.


"Hello! I am doing so well! I have not felt like this in a very long time, it's like the light at the end of the tunnel is finally attainable. I do not feel the hopelessness I have felt for so long. I cannot begin to express how thankful and grateful I am to you for the service you have provided me. I am definitely looking forward to sessions in the future." A.L.


"Sooooo much better!!!!!!! Like I seriously can hardly believe how much better." -L

"A lot less stressed out :) and honestly much happier overall!! I’ll be in class and the teacher be talking about how much we have to learn before the final and I’ll feel as though I shouldn’t stress I’ll just be able to do it and I’ll think like wow why am I not stressed?!"-J

“Dear Jen, I've been feeling a tingling and soothing sensation between my shoulder blades, a new openness and energy where before there was always pressure. It’s been so long it’s hard to believe it's finally shifting.” B.E.

Screenshot 2023-09-09 at 11.54.02 AM.png
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Arthritis Thumb Pain: "I know this sounds very strange, but my thumb is better today." - P


Neck pain (over 20 years):

"So interesting, but I just wanted to share that my neck pain has improved so muchl! Thank voull...on a scale of 1 - 10...Probably [was] about a 7 and now it just feels slightly tender, but I have full range of motion!!! So maybe a 1" -T

Knee pain: 

77 year old client with excruciating knee pain was told by two doctors that she would not improve without knee replacement surgery ("The doctor says my knee is bone-on-bone with nothing left in it."). After 2 - 3 sessions - "Pretty damn good. It hurts a little but that's all..." About a week later, "Yesterday, I walked 2 laps around the tennis court. I noticed my knee was a little tender last night..." Then, pain is "about a 1" (with 0 being no pain). "I can’t believe I am walking around the tennis court with no pain…Thank god for all that you do..." 3 years later and she has no pain (with a few tune-ups along the way).








"I feel amazing in so many ways. So much to tell. Mentally, I feel amazing. Physically my. knee is pretty darn good. And, tons of energy and positive mental structure. Attitude in general. Feel lighter and more hopeful in all of my dreams coming true." -K.H.


Headaches: "No headaches since our first session!" -E


Heel pain: "I do feel better again today and feel as a result of your hard work feel both happy and confused simultaneously." -B


Hip pain: Hi there! I’ve been feeling better. Less incidence of weakness and shooting pains. I’ve still had a couple but easily worn out as I move. NO pain radiating down the front of my thigh etc…I love this work!!! -S


Back and hip pain (scale is 0 - 10 with 0 being no pain) 


Foot pain: 


"My feet and body actually feel fabulous today!!!" -L


"There is a remarkable change in my feet!! It feels good."- J


Jaw pain: “Yesterday was one of the best days I’ve had in years!…Thanks so much." J  

Joint pain:









Shoulder/Arm pain: 


"OMGSH Jen!!!… I just realized, my inside shoulder pain is gone. I've had this for months and months." - L


"Hi. I have to tell you my shoulder feels really good!!! 🙂" -J


Golf elbow: "Better now just played 18 holes of golf, tickets handled and arm feels good. U are a healer!!! I kept saying shields up every hole." - A


Knee pain, headaches, allergies, mental acuity:

"Knee pain from an 8 to a 1 (0 is no pain)

Chronic headaches dissipated 

Mental acuity challenges improved 

Improved motivation 

Allergies substantially improved 

Overall feeling better after struggling with health challenges" -A


Wrist pain:

"Hi! My wrist is so much better today! Much appreciate your support and spiritual input." - M


(NOT A.R.T.; See A.R.T. Successes under the A.R.T. section)


"I’m feeling great. No sinus pain or headache whatsoever without using Flonase. Yay!! Such a huge difference since before we started working together. Can’t thank you enough. 😃 "-E


"...Allergies substantially improved. Overall feeling better after struggling with health challenges." -A 


"BTW, I feel great!" -V


"Much better. Eyes are good. No runny mucous or congestion. No itch. Not fatigued…" -L

"Tak[ing] a moment to thank you again from the bottom of my heart. A is already seeing results. Her [pain] that she was experiencing that we went to the hospital for [is] pretty much gone! Her asthma is improving!... I am very appreciative of the work you’re doing." 2 Weeks Later: "Her attitude is much better. She was just at a point to where she felt defeated and nothing was going to help her…now, she is a believer.” 1 Month Later: She "has shown continued steadiness in the asthma department. No flare ups! I believe at this point she isn't using her breathing treatment machine! ... See while she was having chronic asthma issues she became afraid to do anything...reclused in her room...not moving some days to leave the house bc of that she is having to relearn to live without that fear and become more stepping it. But thanks to you there isn't a fear to leave the house!" D.A.



"I’m ready to tell you my issues are down to about a 2. Still some rumbling, but so far no more diarrhea. I’m so very grateful! A few days later...”I am feeling amazing!  Just a hint of pain in my hip, and even my restless leg is a little better! 😁” -L




"Can’t wait to tell you about my doctors appointment! ... My doctor said I am 80% improved and asked me what I’m doing because it’s obviously working! It was by pricking me with safety pins on the top and bottom of my feet and comparing results with prior tests." -M




"Seriously, I feel so much better than I have been 🙏" - T




"So I just spent 2 hours weeding in the yard ( something I haven’t been able to do in decades), and after about an hour I realized it was cloudy outside! In the past, I could not go outside when it was cloudy because I would get a migraine! Woo-hoo! ❤️❤️" -S.C.







"I wanted to let you know that I am nightmare free and so happy!!! 😘 " J.C. (Years of nightmares every night)


"Fears mellowing and …no nightmares!!" -J.S.




"Got my taste and smell back 4 hours after I lost it!"-Me :)



HE WON!!! -K (worked on blocks to winning after being unable to win a track race)


"I feel better today than I have in a long long time. Wonderful! Slept 12 hrs. Took nap yesterday afternoon & went into deep deep sleep!! Thank you so so much!! Yeah!!" -P


"Definitely shifted, and with a newfound respect for the subconscious!😄

Wowza! It’s powerful." -C


"Hi for the first day in many I feel like a normal person.  Thank you." -W



"Thank you so much for the work you have done, I know it may be a little soon to feel the full effects of the session but over all right now my whole body just feels so much lighter and my outlook on things again are just so much more positive, I felt before like I was closing off myself and my heart because of this last relationship but I fell it really starting to open back up again! So again thank you so much!" -A.L.

"I can’t even really express my gratitude for everything you are doing through the Emotion Code. I haven’t felt this free to just be me since I can remember…I feel free to love my husband from a purity level I forgot existed. Does that even make sense?..."I keep progressing. I'm more content and happier than I've been in a very long time" -L



"Thank u soooo much jen, it was such an incredible session and I feel I learnt so much from u too!  I can c why ur so booked out with clients now and why u get such great results - ur such a great practitioner with so many awesome tools up ur sleeve and ur really inspiring me even more now too re what's possible for me to do in order to help others (as I've always wanted to do) beyond illness…you've really given me back hope again espec after seeing how u do it all live and participating in it and I just can't believe ur kindness and generosity jen. Whatever happens I am forever grateful and it was all just so fascinating." -L.B.

"I am so happy with our work together. You’ve confirmed everything I’ve thought and felt about EC"

"Soooooo much better!!!!!!! Like I can hardly believe how much better." -L.A.


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