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Energy Healing


The human body is made up of almost entirely energy, frequency and vibration. Imbalances, like trapped emotions and trauma, in the body’s energy field obstruct the flow of energy, which can lead to almost any type of health issue. Dr. Bradley Nelson, the creator of the Emotion Code and the Body Code, believes (and Balance to Wellness witnesses similar outcomes) that approx. 90% of all ailments and challenges we experience are rooted in trapped emotions. While energy work does not directly heal or treat any condition, by releasing trapped emotions and addressing other energetic imbalances and blocks, using a variety of energy healing modalities, it stimulates the body’s own inherent ability to heal itself.
Conditions most commonly presented:
Chronic and Acute Pain
Anxiety and Depression

Allergies and food intolerances
Migraines/Chronic Headaches

Digestion challenges
Hair Loss
Weight challenges and so much more.

Sessions are available worldwide by video call (Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime). 

DISCLAIMER: Energy healing modalities are considered experimental by most western medical providers. Any service provided by Balance to Wellness LLC practitioners should not be construed as medical advice or as a substitute for seeking medical care. Testimonials on this website and explanations in B2W sessions do not constitute guarantees of outcome. Processing symptoms with energy healing are possible. These are typically mild and, while they may be markers of personal evolution, the individual undertakes & assumes any and all associated risks.

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