My name is Jennifer Schwarz and I founded Balance to Wellness LLC in 2019 after years of searching for answers to our children's health challenges. Starting out as an attorney over 25 years ago, and even though I received my B.A. in Psychology, I never would have predicted my journey to take me to energy healing.  But, here I am.  This work has opened my eyes and my consciousness to the miracles that are happening every day and that we have the ability to create and facilitate. Along this path, I have been blessed to support clients , on their journey to wellness, who have overcome chronic pain, illness, anxiety, depression, asthma and so much more. I am astonished every day at the results my clients have experienced (no promises) and I could not be more grateful to be able to do this work. 


In love, light and gratitude,

Body Code/Emotion Code Practitioner

A.R.T. Allergy Release Technique® 

Eden Energy I and II

Reiki Level I & II

Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


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