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Food Sensitivities, Animal & Seasonal Allergies, Digestion Issues

Why exactly did I finally decide to do A.R.T? I was tired of being a year-round allergy sufferer, allergic to every animal out there and not able to digest comfortably some of the foods I enjoy the most. My husband was a huge skeptic of anything considered “out there” and I’m not going to lie, A.R.T. kind of is. But, here I am, about 9 months into the program and I am absolutely blown away. I am now able to tolerate my seasonal allergies, embrace my dog without itchy eyes or sneezing and I’m even able to be around OTHER animals without dying from an allergy attack! The foods we have worked on that used to bother my stomach are now not an issue (still working on a few). If you’re like me, just do yourself a favor and get in touch with Jennifer. Thank you for everything, Jen! I’m forever grateful! Laurie D.

Chronic Reflux, Stomachaches, Headaches, Dog Allergies and Food Sensitivities

I have to admit, I did not believe this would work. But, I knew people that swore by it and I wanted to get better so I decided to give A.R.T. a shot. After years of lab tests, doctors appointments, trying all sorts of medications, and even visiting naturopaths, this has been my savior. I no longer have to watch the foods I eat or walk around with a headache all day. The chronic reflux I've had since infancy is nearly gone. And, I no longer allergic to my dog! I am not going to pretend that I was not against this at first, because I definitely was. However, seeing the results, I keep recommending it to everyone. I am so grateful to be going off to my freshman year of college feeling so good. Thanks so much, Jen!! Zoe S.

Post-Covid Unabating Full Body Rash

I can't say enough good things about Jennifer Schwarz and A.R.T. nor can I explain how it works...but it does! I was covered in "spots" from neck to ankles after a mild case of Covid. Doctors labeled it was guttate psoriasis and verucoid keratosis. I was prescribed ointments, creams, and allergy meds but the "rash" kept multiplying. A friend suggested Jennifer and A.R.T. Not only did the spots stop spreading, but they began to disappear. My mood and attitude lifted, and my general anxieties, which I thought were just a part of everyday life, subsided, too. I heard my husband tell someone I'm more like my old self and seem happier since working with Jennifer. Jennifer is kind, caring, and very knowledgable about what she does. She has taught me how to help myself be safe, strong and healthy. Jennifer and A.R.T. changed my life! Debi M.

Gluten Intolerance

As I continue to explore alternative therapy treatments, I am amazed at how much is out there that works yet western medicine doesn't offer. If allergies (food or otherwise) are a thing in your life, A.R.T. works! True amazing stuff. After working through the A.R.T. protocol with practitioner Jennifer Schwarz, I can now eat gluten without issue. It was tough being plant-based AND gluten-free. Thanks to Jen it's much easier now to eat and eat out! Erin B.

*ART Testimonials listed here are examples of typical outcomes and are not intended to be a guarantee for your particular situation.

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