ART Testimonials*

Food Sensitivities, Animal & Seasonal Allergies, Digestion Issues

I met Jennifer a couple of years ago. During one of our conversations, we somehow got onto the subject of how miserable I was in my own body, with my health, and my horrible allergies. Without pushing me, she explained A.R.T. and, while I was totally intrigued by what she was telling me, I wasn’t ready to try something "outside-the-box" of conventional approaches. Several months later, she reached back out to see how I was feeling and if I had given any more thought to the program. Why exactly did I finally decide to do A.R.T? I was tired of being a year-round allergy sufferer, allergic to every animal out there and not able to digest comfortably some of the foods I enjoy the most. My husband was a huge skeptic of anything considered “out there” and I’m not going to lie, A.R.T. kind of is. But, here I am, about 9 months into the program and I am absolutely blown away. I am now able to tolerate my seasonal allergies, embrace my dog without itchy eyes or sneezing and I’m even able to be around OTHER animals without dying from an allergy attack! The foods we have worked on that used to bother my stomach are now not an issue (still working on a few).  If you’re like me, just do yourself a favor and get in touch with Jennifer. Thank you for everything, Jennifer, I’m forever grateful for getting my life back. Laurie D.


I found A.R.T. through a friend.  At the time I was suffering with eczema, joint pain, and sensitivities to certain foods and animals.    Over the last 6 months I have watched my symptoms improve and ultimately disappear.  I can now spend time with my son and his family that includes two big dogs.  My skin has cleared entirely and I am tolerating all foods. My energy is improved as has my overall wellbeing.  I can not say enough good things about what this process has done for both my physical and emotional well being!  Nina B. 

Digestion Issues

I sought A.R.T. to help me figure out my digestion issues. I have spent most of my adult life reacting to foods. Sometimes tolerating a food and other times that same food would cause me stomach issues and migraines.  Through the A.R.T. protocol, not only was I able to figure out which foods I was sensitive to, my stomach/digestion issues have been totally healed. My overall reactivity to seasonal allergies subsided. I feel the quality of my life has improved in ways I could not have predicted! I highly recommend A.R.T. to anyone trying to heal their body and understand their health.  Julie C.

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*ART Testimonials listed here are examples of typical outcomes and are not intended to be a guarantee for your particular situation.