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***Balance to Wellness LLC is not taking new A.R.T. clients at this time. Check out the Energy Healing and Testimonials sections of this website for more information on how other forms of energy healing can help support your journey to health.***

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How A.R.T. Works

A.R.T.’s process is different from conventional treatments because it gets to the root cause of the allergy, which is the over-reactive immune system, and calms the anxiety response.

We use an FDA-approved, non-invasive radio-frequency machine to identify the toxins and other stressors that are overloading the person’s immune system, and mind-body techniques and tools to alleviate the fear of an allergic reaction.

Once we strengthen the immune system and calm the anxiety response, we can slowly and safely reintroduce foods or resolve other immune conditions and, ultimately, enable the person to eat freely and live fully.

A.R.T. was developed as a treatment protocol for anaphylactic food allergies and evolved into one that addresses many other immune conditions. The above video features A.R.T. Founder Amy Thieringer sharing her successes with anaphylaxis. The Arizona practitioners of A.R.T. do not work on anaphylactic clients or clients who carry an epipen. 

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