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Remote Package of 5 (Minors/Pets)

  • 30 minutes
  • $325 per package
  • Remote Session

Service Description

Releasing trapped emotions is extraordinarily powerful in supporting overall physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness, allowing the immune system to more freely address the challenges it faces. As trapped emotions accumulate over time, releasing them for kids (and pets!) while they are young can help support the body's natural immune system function with the goal of helping to prevent future health challenges. This pack of 10 sessions will be done remotely every other week (unless weekly is requested and the schedule permits) and are intended to support and maintain overall emotional wellness. These sessions are not scheduled on a particularly day/time unless otherwise prearranged. Once the session is completed, you will receive a session report by emailed with a list of all of the items that were released/addressed. If your child is 18 - 21, please contact me so that we can send you the proper paperwork. Contact Jennifer for appointment scheduling.

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